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New on this Server

Welcome on the new Web pages of EUSFLAT that can now be accessed via the domain www.eusflat.org. The pages are currently hosted by Software Competence Center Hagenberg in Austria. They are prepared and maintained by a number of people belonging to the EUSFLAT Board, each with his/her special responsibility.

By this way, we would also like to encourage all EUSFLAT members to contribute any kind of useful information (conference and book announcements, links to journals, software, research groups, etc.) that is needed to make these Web pages a place you have to go if you are a fuzzy scientist, no matter from Europe or outside, no matter whether EUSFLAT member or not!

Change Log

Launch of new look and new Web platform to improve user management
Moved EUSFLAT homepage to new host, see announcements page for more information.
EUSFLAT favicon created with http://www.htmlkit.com/services/favicon/ (thanks for this great service!) and put online (note: a favicon is a fancy little icon that is shown to the left of a URL in the address field of your browser); note that it depends on your browser version whether the favicon is correctly displayed or not.
New eusflat.org mail aliases set up; update of corresponding pages; see in particular the Board page.
New page with history and minutes of EUSFLAT Assemblies.
Board elections guidelines added to set of EUSFLAT Guidelines.
Convenient input forms for submitting information/links/etc. integrated.
List of teaching activities in fuzzy logic and technology included.
Full text of EUSFLAT bylaws included.
First preliminary version available.