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EUSFLAT 2007 Proceedings Vol I.

New Dimensions in Fuzzy Logic and Related Technologies
Proceedings of the 5th EUSFLAT Conference
Contents of Volume I

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Front Matter

Inside cover
pp. 1-2
pp. 3-4
A Message from the EUSFLAT President
Bodenhofer, U. p. 5
Novák, V. p. 7
Table of Contents
pp. 9-14

Invited Lectures

Fuzzy Logic and Theories of Vagueness
Fermüller, Ch. G. p. 17
Algebraic Semantics for t-norm Based Fuzzy Logic
Gispert, J. p. 19
Mathematical Fuzzy Logic — a Survey and Some News
Hájek, P. p. 21
Recent Advances in the Field of Left-continuous t-norms
Jenei, S. pp. 23-24
Semirings, Dioids and Their Links to Fuzzy Sets and Other Applications
Minoux, M. p. 25
Lessons Learned from Fuzzy Logic Applications in Complex Systems
Ruan, D. p. 27
Fuzzy Logic — a New Direction. The Concept of f-Validity
Zadeh, L. A. p. 29

Special Sessions

Aggregation Operators — R. Mesiar and A. Kolesárová

Dominance of Ordinal Sums of TL and TP
Saminger, S., Sarkoci, P. pp. 35-39
Domination and Information Boundedness Principle for Aggregation
Šabo, M. pp. 41-45
Triple Rotation: Gymnastics for t-norms
Maes, K. C., De Baets, B. pp. 47-52
Representations of Archimedean t-norms in Interval-valued Fuzzy Set Theory
Deschrijver, G. pp. 53-60
Construction of Aggregation Operators that Preserve Ordering of the Data
Beliakov, G., Calvo, T. pp. 61-66
Fitting ST-OWA Operators to Empirical Data
Beliakov, G., Troiano, L. pp. 67-73
Ordinal Means
Kolesárová, A., Mayor, G., Mesiar, R. pp. 75-81
A New Look on Discrete Quasi-copulas
Aguiló, I., Suner, J., Torrens, J. pp. 83-90
Introduction to Asymptotically Idempotent Aggregation Operators
Ghiselli Ricci, R. pp. 91-95
MP and MT-implications on a Finite Scale
Mas, M., Monserrat, M., Torrens, J. pp. 97-104
(U, N)-Implications and Their Characterizations
Jayaram, B., Baczynski, M. pp. 105-110
Intersections Between Basic Families of Fuzzy Implications: (S,N)-, R- and QL-Implications
Jayaram, B., Baczynski, M. pp. 111-118
Logical Aggregation Based on Interpolative Realization of Boolean Algebra
Radojevic, D. G. pp. 119-126
ET-Lipschitzian Aggregation Operators
Jacas, J., Recasens, J. pp. 127-133

Axiomatic Fuzzy Mathematics — P. Cintula and L. Běhounek

Fuzzy Class Theory: Some Advanced Topics
Cintula, P., Horčík, R. pp. 137-143
Interior-Based Topology in Fuzzy Class Theory
Běhounek, L., Kroupa, T. pp. 145-151
Valverde-Style Representation Results in a Graded Framework
Běhounek, L., Bodenhofer, U., Cintula, P. pp. 153-160
Enriched Generic Algebras of Fuzzy Relations
Kohout, L. J. pp. 161-168
Uncertainty as a Modality over t-norm Based Logics
Marchioni, E. pp. 169-176
Modal Systems Based on Many-valued Logics
Bou, F., Esteva, F., Godo, L. pp. 177-182

Copulas — E. P. Klement and F. Durante

Different Types of Convexity and Concavity for Copulas
Alvoni, E., Durante, F., Papini, P. L., Sempi, C. pp. 185-189
A Method for Constructing Multivariate Copulas
Durante, F., Quesada-Molina, J. J., Úbeda-Flores, M. pp. 191-195
Semigroups of Semicopulas and Evolution of Dependence at Increase of Age
Foschi, R., Spizzichino, F. pp. 197-203
An Aggregate Claims Model Between Independence and Comonotone Dependence
Hürlimann, W. pp. 205-212
Bounds for Value at Risk for Asymptotically Dependent Assets — the Copula Approach
Jaworski, P. pp. 213-217

Fuzzy Measures and Integrals: Theory — E. Pap and R. Mesiar

Pseudo-integral of Set-valued Functions
Grbic, T., Štajner-Papuga, I., Nedovic, L. pp. 221-225
M-probability Theory on IF-events
Riečan, B. pp. 227-230
Almost Everywhere Convergence in Family of IF-events With Product
Lendelová, K. pp. 231-236
Outer Measure on MV-algebras
Michalíková, A. pp. 237-240
A Fixed Point Theorem in Probabilistic Metric Spaces with a Convex Structure
Žikic-Došenovic, T. pp. 241-246
Measuring the Similarity of Different Types of Fuzzy Sets in FRDB
Takači, A., Škrbić, S. pp. 247-251
A Universal Integral
Klement, E. P., Mesiar, R., Pap, E. pp. 253-256
On the k-additive Core of Capacities
Grabisch, M., Miranda, P. pp. 257-263
Decomposable Signed Fuzzy Measures
Mihailovic, B., Pap, E. pp. 265-269

Fuzzy Measures and Integrals: Applications in Decision Making and Game Theory — M. Grabisch

Extending the Choquet integral
Rossi, G. pp. 273-280
Shortfall-dependant Risk Measures (and Previsions)
Baroni, P., Pelessoni, R., Vicig, P. pp. 281-288
Representation of Two Bipolar Decision Strategies with Generalized Choquet Integrals
Labreuche, Ch., Grabisch, M. pp. 289-296
Various Representations and Algebraic Structure of Linear Imprecision Indices
Lepskiy, A. E., Bronevich, A. G. pp. 297-304
On the Moments and the Distribution of the Choquet Integral
Kojadinovic, I., Marichal, J. L. pp. 305-312
The Core of Games on Distributive Lattices
Xie, L., Grabisch, M. pp. 313-317

Fuzzy Methods in Learning and Data Mining — E. Hüllermeier and F. Klawonn

Towards a Robust Rank Correlation Measure for Numerical Observations on the Basis of Fuzzy Orderings
Bodenhofer, U., Klawonn, F. pp. 321-327
SPoID: Do Not Throw Meaningful Incomplete Sequences Away!
Fiot, C., Laurent, A., Teisseire, M. pp. 329-336
Measuring Variation Strength in Gradual Dependencies
Molina, C., Serrano, J. M., Sánchez, D., Vila, M. A. pp. 337-344
Forest of Fuzzy Decision Trees and Their Application in Video Mining
Detyniecki, M., Marsala, C. pp. 345-352
Fuzzy-Relational Classification: Combining Pairwise Decomposition Techniques with Fuzzy Preference Modeling
Hüllermeier, E., Brinker, K. pp. 353-360
Selecting the Optimal Rule Set Using a Bacterial Evolutionary Algorithm
Drobics, M., Botzheim, J., Adlassnig, K. P. pp. 361-366

Fuzzy Sets in Distributive Artificial Intelligence — A. Averkin

Fuzzy Multiagent Distributed Assembly Chart Planning in Agriculture
Tikhonov, E. pp. 369-375
Synthesis of Distributed Fuzzy Hierarchical Model in Decision Support Systems in Fuzzy Environment
Averkin, A. N., Agrafonova, T., Titova, N. pp. 377-379
Fuzzy Calculating and Fuzzy Control in Wireless Sensor Network
Kalganova, I. pp. 381-385
Soft Computing in Wireless Sensors Networks
Averkin, A. N., Belenki, A. G. pp. 387-390
Evaluation of Alternatives for the Disposition of Surplus Weapons-Usable Plutonium on the Basis of Fuzzy Sets
Averkin, A. N., Kosterev, V. V., Stankevich, K. V. pp. 391-393
Towards to Automatic Tactics' Analysis in Soccer
Averkin, A. N., Gusev, A., Shestakov, M. pp. 395-397

Fuzzy Sets — Philosphy and Criticism — R. Seising

Scientific Theories and the Computational Theory of Perceptions — A Structuralist View Including Fuzzy Sets
Seising, R. pp. 401-408
Fuzzy Set Theory and Philosophical Foundations of Medicine
Limberg, J., Seising, R. pp. 409-416
Fuzzy Logic as a Theory of Vagueness: 15 Conceptual Questions
Bradley, J. pp. 417-424
Postmodernism and Control Engineering
Balas, V. E., Balas, M. M. pp. 425-428
Power Sets and Implication Operators Revisited: A Retrospective Look at the Foundational and Conceptual Issues in Bandler and Kohout’s Paper After 29 Years
Kohout, L. J. pp. 429-436
Exploring Dialogue Games as Foundation of Fuzzy Logic
Fermüller, Ch. G. pp. 437-444
Representing Groups with Imprecise Opinions
Nurmi, H., Kacprzyk, J. pp. 445-448
Fuzziness — Representation of Dynamic Changes?
Kosinski, W., Prokopowicz, P. pp. 449-456

The Two Decades of Fuzzy Research at the IPM (Zittau) — Past and Recent Developments — M. Wagenknecht and R. Hampel

Soft Computing at the Zittau IPM — an Overview
Kästner, W., Hampel, R. pp. 459-461
Experiences in Soft Computing and Dynamical Simulation
Kästner, W., Hampel, R. pp. 463-467
Modelling the Differential Pressure at Sieves with Artificial Neural Networks (Multilayer Perceptron) — a Contribution to Reactor Safety Research
Kratzsch, A., Kästner, W., Hampel, R. pp. 469-472
On the Reliability of Multistate Systems with Imprecise Probabilities
Wagenknecht, M., Gocht, U. pp. 473-475

Back Matter

Author Index
pp. 477-480

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