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EUSFLAT 2007 Proceedings Vol II.

New Dimensions in Fuzzy Logic and Related Technologies
Proceedings of the 5th EUSFLAT Conference
Contents of Volume II

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Front Matter

Inside cover
pp. 1-2
Table of Contents
pp. 3-8

Regular Sessions

Fuzzy Logic 1

A Fuzzy Formal Logic for Interval-valued Residuated Lattices
Van Gasse, B., Cornelis, C., Deschrijver, G., Kerre, E. E. pp. 13-19
On Completeness Results for the Expansions with Truth-constants of Some Predicate Fuzzy Logics
Esteva, F., Godo, L., Noguera, C. pp. 21-26
Resolution Strategies for Fuzzy Description Logic
Habiballa, H. pp. 27-36
Left-continuous t-norms as Functional Algebras
Vetterlein, T. pp. 37-43
A Logic Determined by Commutative Residuated Lattices
Kondo, M., Watari, O., Kawaguchi, M. F., Miyakoshi, M. pp. 45-48
On the First Place Antitonicity in QL-implications
Shi, Y., Ruan, D., Kerre, E. E. pp. 49-56

Applications 1

On Cluster Analysis Based on Fuzzy Relations Between Spatial Data
Nasibov, E., Ulutagay, G. pp. 59-62
Using Supervised Fuzzy Clustering and CWT for Ventricular Late Potentials Detection in HRECG Signal
Salimi Khorshidi, G., Jaafari, A., Pourmorteza, A., Motie Nasrabadi, A., Hashemi Golpayegani, M. pp. 63-69
Distributed Wireless Sensor Network Architecture: Fuzzy Logic Based Sensor Fusion
Murthy, G. R., Iyer, V. pp. 71-78
Soft Computing Robot Navigation Case Study
Lakov, D. V., Saralieva, M. R. pp. 79-84

Fuzzy Rules

How to Use Controller with Conditionally Firing Rules
Navara, M., Petrík, M. pp. 87-94
On Additive and Multiplicative Fuzzy Models
Štěpnička, M., De Baets, B., Nosková, L. pp. 95-102
Automation of Human Reasoning in Economical Analysis
Dvořák, A., Novák, V. pp. 103-109
Advanced Inference in Fuzzy Systems by Rule Base Compression
Gegov, A., Gobalakrishnan, N. pp. 111-118
Using Generalized Constraints and Protoforms to Deal with Adverbs
Soto, A., Olivas, J. A., Prieto, M. E. pp. 119-126

Applications 2

A Less Cumulative Algorithm of Mining Linguistic Browsing Patterns in the World Wide Web
Dyczkowski, K. pp. 129-135
Skew-Tree Based Multistage Fuzzy Controller for Nonlinear Systems
Khosravi, A., Lu, J., Zheng, X., Barzamini, R. pp. 137-142
Modifying the Classic Peak Picking Technique Using a Fuzzy Multi Agent to Have an Accurate P300-based BCI
Salimi Khorshidi, G., Jaafari, A., Motie Nasrabadi, A., Hashemi Golpayegani, M. pp. 143-147
Toward a Solution for ``Genetic Algorithm''-``Support Vector Machine'' Combination to Have a Reliable P300-based BCI
Salimi Khorshidi, G., Jaafari, A., Motie Nasrabadi, A., Hashemi Golpayegani, M., Lucas, C. pp. 149-154

Measures of Vagueness

A Characterization of the Ambiguity and Fuzziness by Means of Activity Orders on the Closed Interval in [0,1]
Alcalde, C., Burusco, A., Fuentes-González, R. pp. 157-162
Extended Distances Between Fuzzy Points
Casasnovas, J., Riera, J. V. pp. 163-168
Conditional Entropy for the Union of Fuzzy and Crisp Partitions
Vivona, D., Divari, M. pp. 169-173
A Construction of a Fuzzy Valued Measure Based on Minimum t-norm
Ruzha, V., Asmuss, S. pp. 175-177
Compenzational Vagueness
Mareš, M. pp. 179-184
On Monotonic Operations which Are Locally Internal on Some Subset of Their Domain
Drygas, P. pp. 185-191

Fuzzy Logic 2

The Logic of Perfect MV-algebras
Belluce, L. P., Di Nola, A., Gerla, B. pp. 195-199
An Algebraic Approach to States on MV-algebras
Flaminio, T., Montagna, F. pp. 201-206
Free MV-algebras
Di Nola, A., Grigolia, R. pp. 207-208
Concept Lattices under Non-commutative Conjunctors Are Generalized Concept Lattices
Medina, J., Ojeda-Aciego, M., Ruiz-Calviño, J. pp. 209-212
Mixed Integer Programming, General Concept Inclusions and Fuzzy Description Logics
Bobillo, F., Straccia, U. pp. 213-220
From Fuzzy- to Bipolar- Datalog
Achs, Á. pp. 221-227

Neuro-fuzzy, Predictions and Evolutionary Approach

Training Neurofuzzy Networks with Participatory Learning
Hell, M., Ballini, R., Costa, P., Gomide, F. pp. 231-236
A New Preprocessing Approach to Preparation of Binary Patterns for FAM Neural Networks
Chitsaz, M., Sadati, N., Barzamini, R., Jouzdani, J., Khosravi, A. pp. 237-241
Time Series Prediction by Perturbed Fuzzy Model
Salgado, P., Igrejas, G., Gouveia, F. pp. 243-249
Competitive Self-adaptation in Evolutionary Algorithms
Tvrdík, J., Křivý, I. pp. 251-258
Differential Evolution Methods for LU-fuzzy Arithmetic
Stefanini, L. pp. 259-266
Selection of Optimal Set of Diagnostic Tests with Use of Evolutionary Approach in Intelligent Systems
Yankovskaya, A. E., Tsoy, Y. R. pp. 267-270

Fuzzy Numbers

Object Oriented Approach in Fuzzy Arithmetic Using Parametric Representation of Fuzzy Numbers
Hunka, F. pp. 273-278
Inverse Arithmetic Operators for Fuzzy Intervals
Boukezzoula, R., Galichet, S., Foulloy, L. pp. 279-286
Representing Incomplete Knowledge about Fuzzy Sets
Wygralak, M. pp. 287-292

Decision Making 1

Two Consensus Protocols Based on an Acceptance Threshold in Group Decision Making
Labreuche, Ch. pp. 295-302
Modeling the Context in Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Labreuche, Ch. pp. 303-310
A Fuzzy Representation for Weights of Alternatives in AHP
Ohnishi, S., Yamanoi, T., Imai, H. pp. 311-316
Dealing with Incompleteness of Preferences in Group Decision Making Problems
Pankowska, A. pp. 317-322

Fuzzy Relations

Algorithms for the Construction of Digital Convex Fuzzy Hulls
Ralevič, N. M., Čomić, L. pp. 325-330
Lukasiewicz Filters as Convex Combinations of Crisp Filters
Havranová, Z., Kalina, M. pp. 331-335
Fuzzy Preference Relations and Lukasiewicz Filters
Havranová, Z., Kalina, M. pp. 337-341
On a Proximity-based Tolerant Inclusion
Bosc, P., Hadjali, A., Pivert, O. pp. 343-350
Finding Close T-indistinguishability Operators to a Given Proximity
Garmendia, L., Recasens, J. pp. 351-357
Preservation of Graded Properties of Fuzzy Relations by Aggregation Functions
Dudziak, U. pp. 359-364

Uncertainty Models

Transforming Probability Intervals into Other Uncertainty Models
Destercke, S., Dubois, D., Chojnacki, E. pp. 367-373
Lattice-Valued Possibilistic Entropy Functions
Kramosil, I. pp. 375-379
Revisiting Bobylev's Definitions
Rodríguez-Muñiz, L. J. pp. 381-383

Categories and Topology

On L-valued Equalites on the L-powersets of Many-valued Sets
Uljane, I., Sostak, A. pp. 387-393
On Fuzzification of Algebraic and Topological Structures
Solovjovs, S. pp. 395-401
Fuzzy Order Relation and Fuzzy Ordered Set Category
Lebedeva, O. pp. 403-407
Monadic L-fuzzy Quantifiers of the Type <1n, 1>
Holčapek, M. pp. 409-415
Homomorphisms of Fuzzy Logic Models Based on Sets With Similarities
Močkoř, J. pp. 417-422

Decision Making 2

Fault Diagnosis with Progressive Symptoms Based on Multi-Agent Approach
Sokolov, O., Wagenknecht, M., Gocht, U. pp. 425-430
Similarity of Fuzzy Preference Structures Based on Metrics
Hliněná, D., Král, P. pp. 431-436
Supporting Consumer Decision by Fuzzy Revealed Preference in Online Sales
Georgescu, I., Qiu, X., Lin, R. pp. 437-444
Revealed Preference in a Fuzzy Framework
Georgescu, I. pp. 445-451

Aggregation Operators in Decision Making

Applications of the Fuzzy Weighted Average of Fuzzy Numbers in Decision Making Models
Pavlačka, O., Talašová, J. pp. 455-462
The Induced Generalized OWA Operator
Merigó, J. M., Gil-Lafuente, A. M. pp. 463-470
Mixture Operators and Additional Insurance
Špirková, J., Král, P. pp. 471-477
Using Quasiarithmetic Means in a Sequential Decision Procedure
Ballester, M. A., García-Lapresta, J. L. pp. 479-484

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pp. 485-488

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