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Research Projects

The following list provides references to research projects which relate to topics relevant to EUSFLAT (and in which EUSFLAT members are involved):

Project Main Goal/Focus
Adaptation du Cartable Electronique à ses Divers Utilisateurs (Adaptation of the Electronic School-Bag to its Various Users)
The aim of the Project ACEDU is to conceave and develop tools to add new fonctions to browse and enhance the treatment of the Knowledge, required when learning and teaching
New Challenges in Fuzzy Rule-Based Machine Learning
AdvLearn is devoted to studying the hottest topics in fuzzy rule-based machine learning
Knowledge Intermediation Technologies
The goal of the project KLIMT is to define, develop and demonstrate a networked Knowledge Management Platform for future dynamic Virtual Private Cyberspaces in the Emerging Digital Economy (Internet, UMTS).
COST Action 274 "TARSKI"
Theory and Applications of Relational Structures as Knowledge Instruments
To advance the understanding and use of relational structures in applicable object domains

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