EUSFLAT Best PhD Thesis Award

During the EUSFLAT 2010 General Assembly, held in Dortmund, June 29, it was approved to establish two awards for the Best Ph.D. Thesis presented during each one of the two immediate complete years previous to each EUSFLAT conference.

Best PhD Thesis Award is currently sponsored by MDPI journals Axioms and Algorithms with a CHF 500 valued prize.

Name Description
Simone Spolaor The EUSFLAT 2020 Best PhD Award goes to Simone Spolaor for his PhD entitled “Fuzzy logic for the modeling and simulation of complex systems”
Vinicius Francisco Wasques The EUSFLAT 2019 Best PhD Award goes to Vinicius Francisco Wasques for his PhD entitled “Fuzzy Differential Equations via Interactive Arithmetic: Applications in Biomathematics”
Sarah Uttendorf The EUSFLAT 2018 Best PhD Award goes to Sarah Uttendorf for his PhD entitled "Automated generation of roadmaps for automated guided vehicle systems"
Jana Siebert The EUSFLAT 2017 Best PhD Award goes to Jana Siebert for his PhD entitled "MCDM methods based on pairwise comparison matrices and their fuzzy extension"
Alejandro Ramos Soto The EUSFLAT 2016 Best PhD Award goes to Alejandro Ramos Soto for his PhD entitled "Application of fuzzy sets in data-to-text systems"
Amanda Vidal Wandelmer The EUSFLAT 2015 Best PhD Award goes to Amanda Vidal Wandelmer for his PhD entitled "On modal expansions of t-norm based logics with rational constants"
Tarad Jwaid The EUSFLAT 2014 Best PhD Award goes to Tarad Jwaid for his PhD entitled "Semilinear and semiquadratic conjunctive aggregation functions"
Miguel Ángel Olivares Méndez The EUSFLAT 2013 Best PhD Award goes to Miguel Ángel Olivares Méndez for his PhD entitled "Soft-Computing Based Visual Control for Unmanned Vehicles"
Marco Cerami The EUSFLAT 2012 Best PhD Award goes to Marco Cerami (currently at Palacky University of Olomouc, Czech Republic) for his PhD entitled "Fuzzy description logics from a mathematical fuzzy logic point of view" (University of Barcelona, Spain)
Nicolas Madrid The EUSFLAT 2011 Best PhD Award goes to Nicolas Madrid (currently at the University of Ostrava, Czech Republic) for his PhD entitled "Measures of Inconsistency and Existence of Fuzzy Stable Models in a Residuated Framework" (University of Malaga, Spain)
Óscar Ibáñez The EUSFLAT 2010 Best PhD Award goes to Óscar Ibáñez for his PhD thesis entitled "Forensic identification by craniofacial superimposition using soft computing."