EUSFLAT Student Grants Program

Every year the EUSFLAT Society will award a number of Student Grants, finalised at partially covering expenses for taking part to the EUSFLAT conference and to other conferences on topics related with the scientific interests of the Society. The list of conferences offering EUSFLAT Students Grants will be available on the web site of the Society.

A Student Grant holder will be provided with a financial grant to pay (partially or totally) the registration fees to attend the conference. An additional support to low-cost student accommodation and/or travel could be provided as well, depending on both the amount of the student registration fee at the considered conference and on the availability of EUSFLAT funding for supporting Student Grants.

Each student can receive at most two Student Grants in his/her career. Terms and conditions related to Student Grants are specified in the following.

Eligibility criteria for Student Grants at the biannual EUSFLAT conference

Eligibility criteria are:
  • The candidate must be co-author and presenter of an accepted paper. Application for a student grant can only be done at the time of submitting a paper, as it will be clearly indicated in the Call for Papers. In case of multiple students who are co-authors of the same paper, only one student can apply for a grant.
  • The candidate must be a EUSFLAT student member at the time of application.
  • Candidates who have never received an EUSFLAT student grant will be given priority.
  • Student Grants holders must attend the conference and present their papers.
  • The EUSFLAT board will undertake the selection process among the eligible students. Such a process will be based on the following main criteria: referee reports on the paper, time since the previous grant (if any), fair distribution among institutes and countries, EUSFLAT membership of supervisor(s). No communication on this matter is possible. The EUSFLAT web page will keep a record of past grant holders in order to guarantee transparency. The grant holders will be announced prior to the early registration deadline.

Other conferences

Besides the EUSFLAT conference, every year there will be other conferences offering EUSFLAT Student Grants. The eligibility criteria and choice procedure are the same as above. At any time, the EUSFLAT board may decide to offer additional Student Grants at other events it organizes such as summer schools, working groups meetings, etc.

Guidelines for conference organisers: How can I offer EUSFLAT Student Grants at my conference?

Interested conference organisers should contact the EUSFLAT President ( by the end of May in the year before the planned event with a description of the event including the amount of the conference fee and the accommodation facilities for students. The EUSFLAT board will make an autonomous selection among the candidate conferences. Criteria involved will be: size of the conference, fair distribution among countries, time since previous successful application, etc. The selection of the events will be done by the end of June and will be advertised both at the following EUSFLAT conference as well as on the EUSFLAT web site. The request for a Grant supporting also accommodation and/or travelling expenses has to be well motivated by the conference organizers and approved by the EUSFLAT board, before publishing the call for EUSFLAT grant applications on the conference web site.

  • Selected conference organizers are expected to include in the conference Call for Papers all the necessary information to apply for an EUSFLAT student grant.
  • As a general rule, selected conference organizers should provide to EUSFLAT members a reduced registration fee as a condition of the student grant programme. Specific requirements not to fulfil this rule will be discussed case by case.
  • Selected conference organizers will collect all applications at the time of papers submissions and they will forward them to the Student Grant responsible on the EUSFLAT board (

Previous EUSFLAT student grant holders

Name Country Conference
Giustarini, Valeria Italy EUSFLAT 2023
Manfucci, Francesco Italy EUSFLAT 2023
Ocaña Alcázar, Francisco José Spain EUSFLAT 2023
Zemlitis, Martins Latvia EUSFLAT 2023
Rico Pachon, Noelia Spain ESTYLF 2022
Fontenla Seco, Yago Spain ESTYLF 2022
Urío Larrea, Asier Spain ESTYLF 2022
Ojeda-Hernández, Manuel Spain IPMU 2022
Minarikova, Erika Slovakia IPMU 2022
Chacón Gómez, Fernando Spain IPMU 2022
Gupta, Megha India IPMU 2022
Ferrero-Jaurrieta, Mikel Spain WILF 2021
Fumanal Idocin, Javier Spain WILF 2021
López Oriona, Ángel Spain WILF 2021
Perinot, Elisa Austria WILF 2021
Gallo, Gionatan Italy FUZZ-IEEE 2021
Punnam Chander, G. India FUZZ-IEEE 2021
Adriaans, Greetje Portugal IPMU 2020
Almahasneh, Ruba Hungary IPMU 2020
Bui Quoc, Viec Czech Republic IPMU 2020
Da Cruz, Asmus Tiago Spain IPMU 2020
Fuchs, Caro The Netherlands IPMU 2020
Guimaraes, Augusto Brazil IPMU 2020
Huidobro Fernandez, Pedro Spain, Slovakia IPMU 2020
Laiate, Beatriz Brazil IPMU 2020
Meshcheryakova, Natalia Russia IPMU 2020
Mirhahi, Soheyla Czech Republic IPMU 2020
Mis, Katarzyna Poland IPMU 2020
Pavlova, Alexandra Austria IPMU 2020
Skorupova, Nicole Czech Republic IPMU 2020
Tang, Mengzi Belgium IPMU 2020
Zamecnikova, Hana Czech Republic IPMU 2020
Janeček, Jiří Czech Republic EUSFLAT 2019
Rakićević, Jovana Serbia EUSFLAT 2019
Govdeli, Yunus Singapore FUZZ-IEEE 2019
Janmaijaya, Manvendra India FUZZ-IEEE 2019
Mutlu, Begum Turkey FUZZ-IEEE 2019
Owuor, Dickson Kenya FUZZ-IEEE 2019
Razak, Tajul Rosli United Kingdom FUZZ-IEEE 2019
Zixiao, Shen United Kingdom FUZZ-IEEE 2019
Cao, Thi Hong Czech Republic IPMU 2018
Dhama, Saransh Hungary IPMU 2018
Fernandez-Peralta, Raquel Spain IPMU 2018
Hudec, Samuel Slovakia IPMU 2018
Marco, Cedric Spain IPMU 2018
Berruezo, Pedro Spain Fourth EUSFLAT Summer School 2018
Doumard, Emmanuel France Fourth EUSFLAT Summer School 2018
Mis, Katarzyna Poland Fourth EUSFLAT Summer School 2018
Molek, Vojtech Czech Republic Fourth EUSFLAT Summer School 2018
Nuijten, Raoul Netherlands Fourth EUSFLAT Summer School 2018
Pal, Priyanka India Fourth EUSFLAT Summer School 2018
Zhan, Hang Belgium Fourth EUSFLAT Summer School 2018
Andriy Sarabakha Singapore FUZZ-IEEE 2017
Viraj Muthugala Sri Lanka FUZZ-IEEE 2017
Linh Nguyen Czech Republic FUZZ-IEEE 2017
Chin Ying Teh Malaysia FUZZ-IEEE 2017
Abdelkarim Ben Ayed Tunisia FUZZ-IEEE 2017
Renu Verma India EUSFLAT 2017
Nhung Cao Czech Republic EUSFLAT 2017
Linh Nguyen Czech Republic EUSFLAT 2017
Raul Perez-Fernandez Belgium EUSFLAT 2017
Gül Deniz Çaylı Turkey EUSFLAT 2017
Ayush Garg India EUSFLAT 2017
Gang Wang Belgium EUSFLAT 2017
Raquel Fernandez-Peralta Spain EUSFLAT 2017
Raquel Gonzalez del Pozo Spain EUSFLAT 2017
Sarah Uttendorf Germany Third EUSFLAT Summer School 2017
Sara D'Onofrio Switzerland Third EUSFLAT Summer School 2017
Wenwen Zong Belgium Third EUSFLAT Summer School 2017
Andrea Cascallar Fuentes Spain Third EUSFLAT Summer School 2017
Mohd Shoaib Khan India Third EUSFLAT Summer School 2017
Taniya Seth India Third EUSFLAT Summer School 2017
Zubair Ashraf India Third EUSFLAT Summer School 2017
Gael Velasco Spain Third EUSFLAT Summer School 2017
Simone Spolaor Italy Third EUSFLAT Summer School 2017
Azza ZIDI Tunisie LFA 2016
Thomas LAURAIN France LFA 2016
Sébastien LEFORT France LFA 2016
Hassane Bouremel Belgium Second EUSFLAT Summer School 2016
Pavel Rusnok Czech Republic Second EUSFLAT Summer School 2016
Yuanyuna Liu Belgium Second EUSFLAT Summer School 2016
Amit Kumar Shukla India Second EUSFLAT Summer School 2016
Satyajit Das India Second EUSFLAT Summer School 2016
Petr Hurtik Czech Republic Second EUSFLAT Summer School 2016
Wanda Niemyska Poland IPMU 2016
Djamal Belkasmi Algeria IPMU 2016
BOFFA Stefania Italy First EUSFLAT Summer School 2015
CAMPOMANES Carmen Spain First EUSFLAT Summer School 2015
CONDE-CLEMENTE Patricia Spain First EUSFLAT Summer School 2015
DE LA ROSA DE SAA Sara Spain First EUSFLAT Summer School 2015
DI GANGI Mattia Italy First EUSFLAT Summer School 2015
GUADA ESCALONA Carely Spain First EUSFLAT Summer School 2015
KOZLOVA Mariia Finland First EUSFLAT Summer School 2015
STANIMIROVIC Stefan Serbia First EUSFLAT Summer School 2015
TOMASIELLO Stefania Italy First EUSFLAT Summer School 2015
UTTENDORF Sarah Germany First EUSFLAT Summer School 2015
Laura De Miguel Spain AGOP 2015
Wanda Niemyska Poland AGOP 2015
Patryk Zywica Poland IFSA-EUSFLAT 2015
Mikel Elkano Spain IFSA-EUSFLAT 2015
Sonia Pérez-Fernández Spain IFSA-EUSFLAT 2015
Borja Rodríguez-Cuenca Spain IFSA-EUSFLAT 2015
Joaquim Laurens Viegas Spain IFSA-EUSFLAT 2015
Pelayo Quirós Cueto Spain IFSA-EUSFLAT 2015
Pavle Miloševic Serbia IFSA-EUSFLAT 2015
Angélica I. Avilés Rivero Spain IFSA-EUSFLAT 2015
Carely Guada Escalona Spain IFSA-EUSFLAT 2015
Allouche, Benyamine France LFA 2014
Cherifi, Abdelmadjid France LFA 2014
Kułacka, Agnieszka United Kingdom IPMU 2014
Borodin, Valeria France IPMU 2014
Bouzouita, Kaouther Tunisia IPMU 2014
Jendoub, Siwar France IPMU 2014
Hachour, Samir France IPMU 2014
Braune, Christian Germany EUSFLAT 2013
Conde Clemente, Patricia Spain EUSFLAT 2013
D'Asaro, Fabio Aurelio Italy EUSFLAT 2013
Pérez Pancho, David Spain EUSFLAT 2013
Phúc Nguyên, Vo France EUSFLAT 2013
Poledica, Ana Serbia EUSFLAT 2013
Ľubomír, Antoni Slovakia EUSFLAT 2013
Lucarelli, Marco Italy EUSFLAT 2013
Jwaid, Tarad Belgium ISCAMI 12
Rodriguez, Rosa Spain IPMU 12
Caballero, Carlos Spain IPMU 12
Cerami, Marco Spain IPMU 12
Hamed, Mohammad Ghasemi France IPMU 12
Hamed, Mohammad Ghasemi France SUM 12
Almeida, Rui Jorge Netherlands SMPS 12
Held, Pascal Germany SMPS 12
Sinova, Beatriz Spain SMPS 12
Boulkrinat, Samia Algeria LFA 12
Coroianu, Lucian Romania EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Dubey, Dipti India EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Franco De Los Rios, Camilo Spain EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Freson, Steven Belgium EUSFLAT-LFA 11
García-Honrado, Itziar Spain EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Greenfield, Sarah United Kingdom EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Grigorenko, Olga Latvia EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Hoppe, Anett Germany EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Jwaid, Tarad Belgium EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Lahav, Ori Israel EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Montes, Ignacio Spain EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Ruza, Vecislavs Latvia EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Víta, Martin Czech Republic EUSFLAT-LFA 11
Riera, Juan Vicente Spain AGOP 2009
Jwaid, Tarad Syria AGOP 2009
Manzi, Maddelena Italy AGOP 2009
Merigó Lindahl, José M. Spain AGOP 2009
Baetens, Jan Belgium IFSA-EUSFLAT 2009
Melange, Tom Belgium IFSA-EUSFLAT 2009
Almeida, Rui Jorge Netherlands IFSA-EUSFLAT 2009
Paternain, Daniel Spain IFSA-EUSFLAT 2009
Jurío Munárriz, Aránzazu Spain IFSA-EUSFLAT 2009
Cintra, Marcos Brazil IFSA-EUSFLAT 2009
Fernández, Ismael Spain IFSA-EUSFLAT 2009
Dutta, Soma India IPMU 2008
Hwang, Keum-Sung South Korea IPMU 2008
Jenhani, Ilyes Tunisia IPMU 2008
KordJamshidi, Parisa Belgium IPMU 2008
Li, Dong France IPMU 2008
Merigó Lindahl, José M. Spain IPMU 2008
Morcillo, Pedro J. Spain IPMU 2008
Viswanath, Navin United States IPMU 2008
De Pretis, Francesco Italy AGOP 2007
Manzi, Maddalena Italy AGOP 2007
Mihailovic, Biljana Serbia AGOP 2007
Nin, Jordi Spain AGOP 2007
Costin, Ciprian Constantin Romania First Summer Course on Future Directions in Soft Computing 2007
Moreno Navas, Juan Spain First Summer Course on Future Directions in Soft Computing 2007
Jiménez Gómez, David Spain First Summer Course on Future Directions in Soft Computing 2007
Bradley, Jeremy United States EUSFLAT 2007
Fiot, Céline France EUSFLAT 2007
Grbic, Tatjana Serbia EUSFLAT 2007
Iyer, Vasanth India EUSFLAT 2007
Lebedeva, Olga Latvia EUSFLAT 2007
Limberg, Julia Germany EUSFLAT 2007
Salimi Khorshidi, Gholamreza Iran EUSFLAT 2007
Alonso, José Spain IPMU 2006
Barcelo, Aina Spain IPMU 2006
Behounek, Libor Czech Republic IPMU 2006
Lendelova, Katarina Slovakia IPMU 2006
Maes, Koen Belgium IPMU 2006
Mihailovic, Biljana Serbia IPMU 2006
Noskova, Lenka Czech Republic IPMU 2006
Mordelova, Juliana Slovakia AGOP 2005
Lazaro, Jesus Spain AGOP 2005
Sarkoci, Peter Slovakia AGOP 2005
Brox Jimenez, Piedad Spain EUSFLAT-LFA 2005
Charfeddine, Souhir France EUSFLAT-LFA 2005
Del Razo Lopez, Federico France EUSFLAT-LFA 2005
Lange, Fabien France EUSFLAT-LFA 2005
Lendelova, Katarina Slovakia EUSFLAT-LFA 2005
Maes, Koen Belgium EUSFLAT-LFA 2005
Petrik, Milan Czech Republic EUSFLAT-LFA 2005
Van Broekhoven, Ester Belgium EUSFLAT-LFA 2005
Boeva, Veselka Bulgaria AGOP 2003
Dube, Diana Romania AGOP 2003
Jimenez, Lourdes Spain AGOP 2003
Mesiarová, Andrea Slovakia AGOP 2003
Dankova, Martina Czech Republic EUSFLAT 2003
Diaz Vazquez, Susana Spain EUSFLAT 2003
Dyczkowski, Krzysztof Poland EUSFLAT 2003
Garcés, Pablo Spain EUSFLAT 2003
Georgescu, Irina Finland EUSFLAT 2003
Hanikova, Zuzana Czech Republic EUSFLAT 2003
Horcik, Rotislav Czech Republic EUSFLAT 2003
Janssens, Saskia Belgium EUSFLAT 2003
Kral, Pavol Slovakia EUSFLAT 2003
Noguera i Clofent, Carles Spain EUSFLAT 2003
Pankowska, Anna Poland EUSFLAT 2003
Trifonov, Trifon Bulgaria EUSFLAT 2003
Vernieuwe, Hilde Belgium EUSFLAT 2003
Walter, Igor Brazil EUSFLAT 2003