EUSFLAT mission

EUSFLAT is a non-profit European society devoted to promote and disseminate the methods, techniques and developments of Fuzzy Logic and related technologies. Founded in 1999, EUSFLAT encourages the scientific communication and collaboration among its members, organizing, promoting and sponsoring conferences, workshops and seminars. Indeed, the biannual EUSFLAT conferences bring together researchers in Fuzzy Logic and related technologies from all over the world. The society advises associates and companies on subjects regarding Fuzzy Logic and it is a member of the International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA) representing the European researchers at the IFSA council. See the EUSFLAT bylaws for further information.

EUSFLAT provides many services to its members. First, EUSFLAT members can use an e-mail distribution list that connects most of European researchers in Fuzzy Logic in order to disseminate information, discuss issues, suggest open questions, etc. The membership allows also access to a database of research groups, practitioners and industries working in Fuzzy Systems or using Fuzzy Technologies in their developments or products. The Web site announces conferences, workshops, seminars, research projects, books, etc. EUSFLAT members have access to reduced registration fees for the conferences organized or sponsored by EUSFLAT and other scientific societies as well as to reduced subscriptions and article processing fees of selected journals, such as the International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems (IJCIS) and the MDPI journals Axioms and Algorithms. Examine the complete list of membership benefits for EUSFLAT members.

EUSFLAT board (since September 10, 2019)

The general managing board of EUSFLAT consists of the following people:

Function Name Affiliation e-mail
President Martin Stepnicka University of Ostrava, Czech Republic president@eusflat.org
Vice-president Vladik Kreinovich University of Texas at El Paso, USA vice-president@eusflat.org
Secretary Susana Montes University of Oviedo, Spain secretary@eusflat.org
Treasurer Javier Fernandez Public University of Navarra, Spain treasurer@eusflat.org

The following people are board members in charge of specific responsibilities:

Responsibility Name Affiliation e-mail
Atlantis Press Luis Martínez López University of Jaen, Spain luis.martinez@ujaen.es
Awards Eulalia Szmidt Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland awards@eusflat.org
Grants Christophe Marsala Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France grants@eusflat.org
Link to IFSA and Other Societies Javier Montero Complutense University of Madrid, Spain monty@mat.ucm.es
Magazine Humberto Bustince Public University of Navarra, Spain magazine@eusflat.org
Promotion in Asia S. P. Tiwari Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad, India sptiwarimaths@gmail.com
Publications Gabriella Pasi Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Italy pasi@disco.unimib.it
Strategy José María Alonso Moral University of Santigo de Compostela, Spain recruitment@eusflat.org
Web and Social Networks Sebastia Massanet University of the Balearic Islands, Spain webmaster@eusflat.org
Working Groups Guy De Tré Ghent University, Belgium working-groups@eusflat.org
History of Eusflat board