EUSFLAT Working Group on Fuzzy Modelling and Control

Aims and Scope

Intelligent control systems encompass different techniques such as expert systems, fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms, etc. However, fuzzy logic has proven to be the most widely used technique in industrial applications. The keys to this are its ability to represent the knowledge and experience of control/modelling experts and its ease of implementation. Another factor contributing to the deployment of fuzzy applications in industry is the increasing computational power of embedded systems. Thus, fuzzy inference systems are present at all levels of the automation pyramid and appear as a powerful tool for modelling, identifying, and controlling complex plants.

The general objectives of the working group are:

  • Promote research on the modelling and/or control of dynamic systems, using fuzzy inference systems (e.g. by organising special sessions and round tables at international conferences, special issues in international journals and edited books).
  • To promote collaboration between researchers and other professionals in the field of intelligent systems who are interested in modelling and/or control using fuzzy logic, (by promoting conferences, workshops, special sessions, talks, between different research groups, by organising meetings and webinars, and by increasing visibility outside the fuzzy community with interdisciplinary meetings).


Name / Affiliation E-Mail / www
Juan Manuel EscaƱo / Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
William D. Chicaiza / Universidad de Sevilla, Spain